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~ Benches ~
~ Dovetail Harvest Benches ~
Other than Benches I have created for my own personal use the Dovetail Harvest Bench was my
first bench style up for sale.  Slightly in the style of George Nakashima, a lot of the larger benches
of this size are made to disassemble easily to aid in transportation / Shipping & storage. Some also
can be made with precise fitting, replaceable Treated Lumber Feet, for added protection against
ground contact.  With all the Bells & Whistles, this style sells for around $100.00 a running foot.  &
am currently working on two 5 footers, with completion expected before the snow melts.
Copyright 2005 TMF
8' Spalted Maple Dovetail Harvest Bench
Unfinished 12 foot
Ash Bench after
8+years in the weather
Spalted Maple Dovetail
Cherry Dovetail
4' Red Oak
6' Cherry
4'6" Red Elm