Stools ~Around the Bend These are examples of
Log stools & Log Tables  I've created & sold in the past.  Each piece is
signature branded with my initials and the date, ensuring it's investment
potential.   These are great with a piece of glass on them. for a nice Log Table.
I take custom orders & You can see my current works for sale in my ebay store.  
Please visit the link below.  Thanks, Ted Frumkin.
Tree Stump Chair, Ted Frumkin
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Stump stool
Tree stump stool
Stump stool, wood accent table, Ted frumkin
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Stump Stool Table
Stump Stool
Rustic modern stump stool, Table
Stump Table
Rustic stump table Stool
For custom order inquiries please e-mail me at:
To see my current pieces for sale please visit my
ebay store at the link below:
Ted Frumkin, Stumo Stool
Tree stump table
Stump Stool
Log stool
rustic tree stump table
log tree stump chair