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Here are some photos of pieces I am working on
Available Table Slab Sets
These can be joined with an almost invisible
joint line, &  will  have butterflies, where
needed & optionally at the joint point. All
are around 96+" long & 1.5 thick (after
In the background is a prime Butternut log. It may not look that large, but it IS 20" at the small end.
It will yield some beautiful slabs for perhaps an 8' Butternut slab Farm Table, Butternut slab
Coffee Table, & so on.... With my own mill the sky's the limit. I could saw this log into 3.5 slabs then
make 50 rifle stock blanks.
I have my Mill up, running &
received my first load of
logs.  I ordered several walnut
logs & cut some beautiful
slabs.  I did not mill all the
walnut though. I saved 2 logs
8' long & in the 12 - 15
diameter range.  SO, In the
near future I will be listing 10
or more walnut stool / table
type pieces. I have had a few
in the past & they are really
beautiful & sell well too.  You
can email me to reserve one
See The
for more
A Large batch of walnut semi-cubes 12.75X13.75 on top & 12 to 24
I have several solid sculpted chairs in the works.  Cherry & Catalpa
Maple  logs from the Amish mill. They hit
metal & cast these off to be burnt for fuel. I
will cut these into 18, 20 or 24" pieces that
will become my Semi Cubed Log Stump
Tables & Stools .
Walnut Slabs for Tables
Beech wood Table Slabs